Simple Lines Apartment

New apartment
About this project

In fact, there are two smaller ground floor apartments, joined to create an ample family apartment, with sleeping and living spaces strategically placed at opposite ends. In the living area, a playful approach of the the living room, the kitchen and the lobby (separated by transparent doors) has created a circular space – open and elegant. The energy seems to flow freely… exactly like the children, delighted to run around.
The orderly, simple lines and the earthy colors are an invitation to relax, at the same time effectively counterbalancing the amalgam of shapes and vibrant colors that come with the frequent toy invasions. Overall, an airy apartment, neat and practical, with welcoming spaces inside and a small garden outside big windows. Clearly made to bring together family, friends and joy 🙂

Other info

Type: Residential

Details: Complete interior design

Project area: 165m²

Date: July 2017