About Me

Architect. Designer. Artist.


Complete design projects, individual area improvements, consultancy on specific stages or issues.

Cristina Itu – Interior Architecture & Design

• I graduated the “Ion Mincu” – University of Architecture and Urbanism (Bucharest) in 2006 and I immediately began working, having both private and corporate clients. I approached various and complex architecture projects in the beginning, but I steadily focused my energy on interior architecture and design.

• I started on the interior design with the aim of offering my clients an easier path to their personal ideal, to a welcoming place that they will call Home. I have more than a decade of experience working with private clients and corporations, and I build my career on strong personal values, a well-informed approach to style and trend and my deep love of everything beautiful in the world of architecture, design and art.

• My style is based on principles that make any space be suitable and dreamlike. These principles are simplicity, elegance, luxury and great communication with my clients. Proportion, symmetry and scale are tools that allow an architect to create the perfect harmony of things in every space. I combine this geometrical balance with my concern about my clients’ needs and wishes. The result is a signature style with a wide range of overtones.

• My experience, mixed with my clients’ visions, helps me accomplish hospitable, smart and snug interiors that best fit their dreams and budgets. It is delightful to know that I am creating unique places where my clients feel happy and complete.

• I favour a rigorous approach to work and schedule. I’m also adaptable, able to adjust the key elements of a project to professionally overcome any challenge, and get it to fruition.

• My goal is beauty, balance, utility and long term satisfaction as I see them trough my training, experience and instinct, but I always keep in mind my client’s values, preferences and wishes. I do my best to give form to my client’s dream house… adjusting it here and there, improving it, making it HOME.

• I take care of every stage, from start to finish. We discuss about how you intend to use each room, about your ideas and goals for each space, about the budget. I come up with a personalised concept that illustrates style, colour schemes, branding of the space, materials and pieces of furniture. You sea the drawings and renderings, we agree the schedule and then I handle the implementation.

• I am ready to work with your selected team or bring in professionals that I worked with before. I supervise the execution of the project in the smallest details.

• After the most important part of the design is settled, the final step is to add the finishing touches by choosing various accessories and elements of decor for your space. We choose together some pieces of art – paintings, sculptures, photography or famous design objects.  When I’m done, all you have to do is move in and enjoy.

• I mainly work in Bucharest and Constanta, but do not hesitate to contact me if you have a project somewhere else.

• My portfolio includes homes, hotels, shops, lobbies and corporate client areas. I do complete design projects, specific area improvements and also consultancy on specific stages of a project or particular design or practicality issues. I cover everything from changes concerning the architecture of a space to sockets and lights plans, from design concept, branding and color schemes to the selection of the proper materials and building methods.

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Moods, thoughts, feelings… coded in paintings and pictures.

For me, painting has a magical function. It renders words, thoughts and feelings. It renders what you tell to yourself everyday, what you want, what you would like to be. And after you hang it on a wall, it is able to transform the space by adding meaning, inciting to dialog and stirring the imagination. Effortlessly. Forever.


I also enjoy photography and illustration. I use prints to complete the spaces I work on, adding strong accents or, on the contrary, subtle glimpses of form and colour which allow me to add another level of detail to my projects.


A small selection of my work is featured on this website. You can order what you like or we can choose together something for your design project. Furthermore, if you like my style, we could consider a custom work or a series to complement your home.