About me

                   I am an architect. I started on the interior design with the aim of offering my clients their personal ideal, a place that they will call Home.

                  My style is based on principles that make any space be suitable and dreamlike. These principles are simplicity, elegance, luxury and communication with my clients. Proportion, symmetry and scale are tools that allow an architect to create the perfect harmony of things in every space. I combine this geometrical balance with my concern about my clients’ needs and wishes. The result is a signature style with a wide range of overtones.

                 My experience, mixed with my clients’ visions, helps me accomplish hospitable, smart and snug interiors that best fit their dreams and budgets. It is delightful to know that I am creating unique places where my clients feel happy and complete.


Full Service Interior Design

             We carry out each and every step of your design project, from beginning to end, in order to create a space that you’ll love. From changes concerning the architecture of a space to sockets and lights plans and to the establisment of the proper materials and decorations, We make the project management plan that covers each stage of creating your ideal space. It all begins with discussing the scope of your project – how you intend to use each room, your ideas and goals for each space. We make the space planning and the design project that illustrates style, color schemes, branding of the space, materials, floor plans, accessories. After the most important part of the design is settled, the final step is to add the finishing touches by choosing various accessories and elements of decor for your space. Then the space will be yours to enjoy for years to come!

Interior Design Consulting

              If you want to make an improvement of a space and you require some answers from a specialist, this service is exactly what you need. Is it difficult for you to find the proper colors for the curtains in your living room? Or the table that would solve the problem of space in your kitchen? Or the best accesories for your empty walls? Contact me and we will solve together any interior design problem.


Client Area

              The interior design is much more than furniture and colors. And that because, no matter how intelligent and human it may be, there are some empty walls that need to be filled. This is the role of my photographs and prints. If you want to complete your space, adding to it a touch of elegance and familiarity, you can choose one of my photographs and prints. They complete your interior design and fit your wishes and budget.